Monday, March 2, 2015

Book Review: The Devils Intern

I literally just dropped this book. Azin I just finished it and its amazee balz.

Who thinks about a setting in hell fire if you are not JK Rowling?

I loved it because it tells a story from a different narrative.

It was not as winchi winchi as I expected and even spirikoko me was even going, maybe hell is not that bad after all.
Lol. Jokes, I'm going to heaven and nowhere else when I die. Thanks Donna, ya'll can have your hell.

Its about a 17 year old boy, MJ, who finds himself in hell as an accounting intern.
He is tired of being dead and he finds a time travel device that takes him and his friends back to earth to change their deaths.
different things happen, the twits and turns here and there, they make unexpected findings, I even went 'whao' and 'sht in some places and the 'ending' was unexpected but nice.
I love the love stories of the different character.

you can read reviews on good reads here or buy on amazon here .

I don't know the luck I had that I got the book free on amazon  during some sale but its $7 now :( totally worth it. trust me.

I have this challenge on good reads where im to read 50 books this year and I just started middle of February.
I quickly gave my self brain and reduced it to 24 sharp sharp. .

I think I can still do 2 (proper books) per month without skipping meetings at work.

Next book is Inferno by Dan Brown. its supposed to be my second book for February and im carrying it over to march.. :(

Gone Girl is for March and ill decided on a Nigerian book soon.

any suggestions?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Blogging Platforms.

Ive been struggling between what blogging platforms to use for a very long time.
i started with word press but all the people i was following were on blogger and it just seemed easier.
so i ported.
now i'm having issues with blogger o.
i don't understand why i cant un-follow blogs.
i went crazy stalking and following blogs at my blogging recession earlier and now i'm bored with most some of the blogs.
A lot of them just make noise and sometimes all man needs is peace and quiet.
I've goggled all the ways and methods to un-follow blogs and its looking like a long thing.

WordPress is looking sexy again too me. look at those themes and the pretty websites and the analysis it does for you (droolssss)

I'm listing pros and cons of both platforms.


  1. very easy to use especially for beginners
  2. its hosting by Google. they can be trusted for security et all
  3. i follow a lot of bloggers who use the platform.
  4. i'm used to it. 

  1. its literally not controlled by you.
  2. the word processor is honestly crap.
  3. the themes are quite boring and not many
  4. you cant edit your blog list. once you follow a blog o pari.
  5. Tech support forum is very poor.

  1. its cool
  2. themes are beautiful and plenty. 
  3. beautiful mobile app
  4. nice word processor.
  5. i love the comment tracking notification.
  6. following and un-following blogs is a breeze.
  7. may ghen ghen website use it.
  1. can seem complex and techy
  2. too many plugins
  3. i don't know the owner.

Honestly i'm just confused.
any help/advise/suggestions???

Monday, December 8, 2014

How I Manage Lagos Traffic.

Literally Half of my (amazing) life is spent in Lagos Traffic..
This fateful day I googled how to manage/avoid/live with/ kill yourself in lagos traffic and these people were telling me to either buy helicopter or if I cant afford one, I should become a witch and fly. :(   Kilode..

I decided to document how I personally manage traffic in Lagos. For your benefit. Oya say thank you aunty. :)
If you reside on the mainland and work on the island like I do (and 80% of Lagosians.), continue.


1) Download the GidiTraffic App or follow @giditraffic on twitter if you don't use a Lumia Phone

Total Life Saver..  its our Nigerian Waze...
The dude that runs this platform, retweets peoples traffic tweets which gives other people (you and I) information about traffic especially during rush hour..
the logic I use around this is...  People can only tweet when they are stuck in serious traffic or when the road is surprisingly free..
Doesn't work all the time but at least it helps.

2) Listen to Lagos traffic Radio (96.1 FM):

A lot of people don't know about this radio station because frankly their signal strength is poor.
some time my car radio will just scan past it and when I eventually find it someone will just be hearing "Sshhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhh" (that annoying radio sound).
When it eventually works its a life saver, LASTMA officials from different parts of Lagos call in to describe the traffic situation in their area and the presenters don't have "spree spree" accents. they actually speak Yoruba sometimes so that they can communicate with all their listeners which I think is very impressive.  (If you don't know LASTMA then this article is not for you).

3) Know your Timing...:

Once its 5PM and you are still chilling in V.I but you stay in Magodo, just know you will continue your chilling on third mainland bridge for the rest of the evening. When ever you are going out, to work or to flex make sure you strategic in your timing or you will just suffer unnecessary headache.

Its been long since I blogged o.
3 points and I'm tired.
I hope this has been helpful.
if you have other ways you manage Lagos traffic, Abeg comment so that I can update.
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