Monday, December 8, 2014

How I Manage Lagos Traffic.

Literally Half of my (amazing) life is spent in Lagos Traffic..
This fateful day I googled how to manage/avoid/live with/ kill yourself in lagos traffic and these people were telling me to either buy helicopter or if I cant afford one, I should become a witch and fly. :(   Kilode..

I decided to document how I personally manage traffic in Lagos. For your benefit. Oya say thank you aunty. :)
If you reside on the mainland and work on the island like I do (and 80% of Lagosians.), continue.


1) Download the GidiTraffic App or follow @giditraffic on twitter if you don't use a Lumia Phone

Total Life Saver..  its our Nigerian Waze...
The dude that runs this platform, retweets peoples traffic tweets which gives other people (you and I) information about traffic especially during rush hour..
the logic I use around this is...  People can only tweet when they are stuck in serious traffic or when the road is surprisingly free..
Doesn't work all the time but at least it helps.

2) Listen to Lagos traffic Radio (96.1 FM):

A lot of people don't know about this radio station because frankly their signal strength is poor.
some time my car radio will just scan past it and when I eventually find it someone will just be hearing "Sshhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhh" (that annoying radio sound).
When it eventually works its a life saver, LASTMA officials from different parts of Lagos call in to describe the traffic situation in their area and the presenters don't have "spree spree" accents. they actually speak Yoruba sometimes so that they can communicate with all their listeners which I think is very impressive.  (If you don't know LASTMA then this article is not for you).

3) Know your Timing...:

Once its 5PM and you are still chilling in V.I but you stay in Magodo, just know you will continue your chilling on third mainland bridge for the rest of the evening. When ever you are going out, to work or to flex make sure you strategic in your timing or you will just suffer unnecessary headache.

Its been long since I blogged o.
3 points and I'm tired.
I hope this has been helpful.
if you have other ways you manage Lagos traffic, Abeg comment so that I can update.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Child Hawking

                                             Is Hawking A Form Of Abuse?

I can hear you judge me already in your hearts. Like is this even a question?
Please don't crucify me yet. let me talk finish.

So I brought up this topic amongst a number of my friends (and maybe enemies) and I got amazing reactions and I had to write about them. Someone nearly beat me up for even daring to ask that question, most people blatantly said a yes. some people tried to be diplomatic and said not always. some other people said it depends. well.... we are all individuals so we are allowed to have opinions abi?

I knew most people would go with Yes its child abuse so I decided to stick with a No and I was armed with reasons and I also needed to make the conversation interesting.

You see sometimes I like to look for trouble and see things from unconventional perspectives to hear some opinions or just for the sake of looking through another's eyes. 

(Disclaimer: no child in this world no matter his/her background/age/sex deserves to be abused in any way which includes and is not limited to hawking. I don't support endangering children/humans in any form).

now, that's out of the way...

A while ago, during my NYSC, I was gisting with an older person and the conversation kinda entered this topic and after I threw all the insults at irresponsible parents and unfortunate children, you should have seen the look of shock on my face when he told me he started life by hawking after school to get money for the next days breakfast. (Don't worry this Oga is pushing a sweet ride now and is gainfully self-employed). I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

There was no time to learn a trade because he had to go to school and he had to figure out a way to survive, a fast means of income. He also told me about some of his friends (fellow children hawkers) like the one who left the village for greener pastures in lagos, sent to learn how to learn a trade only to fall into the hands of wayo-wayo. going back to the village was not an option. He Picked some pockets to get some capital and he had to find a way to replicate that.

I taught in a proper government school during my NYSC and the school authorities started punishing or sending home those who hawked before coming to school as a way to send a message to their parents. These students were always coming to school tired and sleeping off during classes. I decided to speak to some of them to see if we could find a way out. The general feedback was that some of these parents don't even care what their children do. they just give birth and as soon as the child has small sense, its OYO o.

It wasn't a big deal to some of them, they had to survive and who has a better idea than going to where the customers are?  (One of these student wanted to be an Okada man sef, so what better way to practice his trade...)

If I should continue the stories I heard we would not leave here today o. Finally sha. the corpers and I had to find a way to make sure these students come to school.  ( these were the good ones. the bad ones had resorted to stealing and vandalism).
This was one end of the spectrum.

So I decided to ask some of my Ikoyi and Ikeja friends and that was when I nearly saw jungle justice happen to me.
"Yeva how dare you even mention it, its not even an option, everybody always has a choice".
Someone else told me that he doesn't believe my stories, that things are not as hard as that in this country. people (emi ni yen o) just like to exaggerate.
I also got, "there are no homeless children in this country, I've been to remand homes and the government puts all of them there." OK o.
this is another end of the spectrum.

Another opinion I got was it had to be mutual. parents forcing their children to hawk is abuse, a child choosing to hawk as a way to help out in the family because he sees the situation at home is .............

I honestly got different opinions and heard different stories like.
My mum once witnessed an accident on Benin-Ore road where a trailer lost control on the other side of the road and took everyone it could with it into the bush. (this actually happened)

 ill like to know your opinions. now remember, hawking can be anywhere it doesn't have to be on the express road or in Lagos traffic. Some children hawk from door to door or from street to street or within the market. I'm also not referring to infants and 6 year old kids. my humble research was done on kids between Jss2 and SS2. (Secondary schools).

I need you to broaden you mind and just tell me what you think.
 Do people always have a choice? what would you do if tables were turned?

Thanks for reading.
(hope you missed me, )

Friday, April 25, 2014

Back again

Would you believe its almost a year since i posted something here?
The cobwebs are amazing.
Let me just pretend like my last post was yesterday and just ignore all the side eyes -__-

oya this time i'm back....
i hope :)

I really need to work on being consistent in all that i do.
Theres just this impatient little child in me that just wants to move on to the next shiny toy :(
Well, this is another year of learning for me.
The same way Lagos drivers have taught me the virtue called PATIENCE, i believe there's nothing i can't learn in this world.

moving on.
in the spirit of forgiveness.... :)
I have plenty plenty updates. (gist, tatafo, ofofo)
I didn't complete my NYSC experiences here :( .even though im done with that (thank you master Jesus) i'll still post some funny past experiences. gist no dey tire to follow me.

When i posted this Ankara diy here, i was desperate for ijebu skills.
I searched blogs and youtube for tutorials and posts but i got nothing i could follow. You know me i like things to be as basic as A,B,C and Youtube is kinda a luxury here thanks to our wonderful ISPs.
So,i eventually carried my two left legs and went to a fashion school (thats what all tailoring kiosks call themselves nowadays) and i upgraded my sewing and creative skills. so, all of you that are always looking for tutorials like i used to do, i gat ya covered (lemmy hear an Amen!!!!!!!)
I just hope i can get a device which takes decent pictures.

I also want to start learning french, mobile programming and creative writing real well this year and i hope i can document my progress here. Dont be surprised when you start using google translate (it go tey small sha) and you start reading fiction here. :)

chll... chilll i know its a lot but remember YOLO.. :)
I have background knowledge in all this and i just feel its going to be a waste if i don't improve on them gradually.

errm guys, this blogger editors spell check is faulty o.

Have a nice day wherever you are.

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